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How to Book

Like most great typefaces there is a story behind them.
This one is no exception. This project was done in two parts. The first part was to pick or create a story to base your typeface off of. The background story I came up with was about my experiences of working at a fishing lodge as a dockhand for the summer. One of my duties was laying out fish for a photo. There is a reason why I chose this for my background story and when creating a typeface there is a lot that goes into it. It has rhyme and reason. Believe or not, so do fish layouts for photos. How and where you lay the fish on the dock, there is a method involved. The typeface that I created is called Hook.

The second part to this project was to create a place where the typeface would live in the real world. It only seemed fitting to create a little book teaching people how to photograph fish. My typeface was used as its heading case, a different typeface that already exists was used for the body copy. The book is hand stitched with blue fishing line.

How to Photograph Fish - BookClick on the image next to this.